Current evening skincare routine

Current evening skincare routine

29th May 2018 14 By Rachael Stray

We’ve all heard the warnings about taking your make-up off before bed which is why I think having an evening skincare routine is essential for looking after your skin.
As many of you avid readers will know I’m in my last year of my twenties so I’m making more of a conscious effort to look after my skin, body and mind.
Having a good skincare routine is about finding what works for you and perhaps a bit of trial and error.
I don’t know about you but my skin and its needs have definitely changed over time. I went through a really oily period when I was younger, then really dry and now it seems to be settling down (thankfully).
Of course hormones, stress and the weather can all have an effect on my skin.
This post is not sponsored by Boots I just happen to be a firm fan of their No7 range because it’s fabulous and I love racking up my Advantage Card points so I can treat myself to Chanel perfume!

What is my current evening skincare routine?

As soon as I get in from work or a day out I like to literally wipe the day off and let my skin breathe.

Step 1

I use a makeup removal wipe to get most of my makeup off – works a treat with mascara and eyeshadows in particular.


Simple micellar cleansing wipes

I feel like makeup removal wipes are a bit of a marmite subject at the moment – people either love ‘em or hate ‘em. I’m definitely in the love ‘em camp with the caveat that they are the right ones for your skin.
I’m a big fan of Simple and Johnson’s so usually use these two brands only. I’ve used others and found them quite drying for my skin.

Step 2

I’m really loving this No7 gel cleanser which is almost empty. I bought it from Boots during a 3 for 2 skincare offer and it’s quickly become a firm favourite. A little product goes a long way here.


No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser

It is a luxurious gel formula that transforms into a cleansing oil as you massage it into your skin. It dissolves make-up, impurities and pollutants without drying out my skin. It leaves my skin feeling perfectly clean, soothed and silky soft.
This has now been replaced by a new range from No7 – Radiant Results which I am looking forward to trying out. Available at Boots the No7 Radiant Results Nourishing Melting Gel Cleanser is £9.50 for 150ml.Step 3
After drying my face I then use a cotton pad dabbed with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and gently sweep this across my face. This stuff is great – it gets waterproof mascara and stubborn lipsticks off with a simple swipe across the face. I find it’s gentle and my skin feels cleaner and clearer instantly.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I love the larger bottle they now do which lasts me a good while. The little travel sized bottle is also fab and I always take this when I go away – perfect for flights too. I did try the green version of this and didn’t like it but this pink one is my go-to.
A few weeks ago I had ran out and when I went to re-stock there was none on the shelf in Tesco so I resorted to trying out a Nivea version – it didn’t agree with me – it felt greasy and I had to use quite a bit of it to get the job done; needless to say I haven’t re-purchased it.

Step 4

If I have any spots rearing their ugly head I pop a small amount of Sudocrem on the area and allow it to dry in and work it’s magic.

Super Sudocrem

Super Sudocrem

Sudocrem is a beauty saviour you can see my favourite uses for it in a previous blog post here.

Step 5

This is usually closer to when I’m getting ready for bed when I will have a quick sweep of micellar water followed by a dab of this lovely No7 eye cream under my eyes.


No7 early defence eye cream

No7 Early Defence Eye Cream is available at Boots and is £15 for 15ml.
If my skin is feeling a little dry I will use my No7 moisturiser before applying my eye cream. This pot lasts me ages as I don’t use it every night. It is a thick rich cream which leaves your skin soft and supple the next morning. I use the day version every single morning and it is now my favourite moisturiser.

No7 Essential Moisture night cream

No7 Essential Moisture Night Cream is available at Boots and is £9.50 for 50ml.

Step 6

And last but not least before I snuggle under the covers I apply some of my favourite hand cream.
I’ve been a big fan of the Au Lait range by the Scottish Fine Soaps Company for well over a decade now. My Mam and I discovered the range on a visit to the beautiful Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland.

Thankfully their gorgeous products are available online and also at TK Maxx which is where I usually pick it up.
The Au Lait Hand Lotion is available at the Scottish Fine Soaps website and is £9.99 for 300ml. I bought my current bottle several months ago and paid £4.99 at TK Maxx so it’s worth shopping around.
Your hands go through a lot so it’s important not to neglect them.
So just a few pumps of this cream leaves my hands soft and supple. It isn’t oily or greasy and has a lovely cotton-fresh smell.

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What products do you use as part of your evening skincare routine? Do you have any favourite’s you can recommend?
Let me know in the comments below.

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