What to expect at Bongo's Bingo

What to expect at Bongo's Bingo

31st July 2018 14 By Rachael Stray

I went to my very first Bongo’s Bingo event and I just had to share the crazy experience with you all so you know what to expect.

About Bongo’s Bingo

Bongo’s Bingo isn’t your typical game of bingo which your grandparents likely play.

Oh no this is something else!

It was started by two mates in Liverpool and it’s brilliantly bonkers and wickedly wild.

Prizes include a little bit of anything and everything.

Cash prizes of up to £1000 are up for grabs but before that there are all sorts of fun things you can win to take home.

Special guests are sometimes on the bill too and have previously included S Club,  Venagboys, Fatman Scoop, Boyzlife and Kelis.

Over the past year the event has gone from hosting a few events around the UK to taking over venues worldwide in the likes of Amsterdam, Dubai, Ibiza and Australia.

The popularity of Bongo’s Bingo has soared in Newcastle so much so that every time new dates are announced, tickets sell out like hot cakes and I’d never managed to bag myself one.

My first Bongo’s Bingo event

This changed with a text from my friend Joanne saying her sister had a spare ticket and would I like to come – I obviously jumped at the chance.

So on Friday night I met my friends Joanne and Catherine and we joined the very large queue outside the Boiler Shop in Newcastle which hosts the Bongo’s Bingo nights.

Our bags were checked and we were scanned before entering the building which we didn’t mind – better to be safe in my opinion.

One girl tried to sneak in a hip flask which was emptied of its contents before given back to her.

After an issue with our tickets not scanning properly (it’s a QR code rather than a traditional ticket) we waited at the side for Joanne’s sister and her friends and then we were in!

We were given a felt tip and our bingo cards and then a helpful member of staff showed us to a table and got others to move along so we could all sit together.

My bingo book

My bingo book

The layout

The large room was laid out with rows of wooden tables and benches and a stage area with a large screen which showed the numbers as they were called and funny videos during the games.

Behind our row was two bar areas with large queues which actually went down quite quickly.

I was driving so I had two pints of coke which was a fiver (not too bad as they lasted me the full night).

Catherine bought two bottles of wine decanted into plastic which came to £36.

Dancing on the benches is encouraged so glass is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

My view when we were dancing

My view when we were dancing

We enjoyed listening to a variety of dancier music before Micky took to the stage to kick off the night.

Playing the game

He explained how it worked, we would be playing six games over the course of the night.

We started off playing for one line with a prize, then two lines for a different prize and then a full house for a cash prize.

Prizes included: a box of Coco Pops cereal, a Jeremy Kyle cardboard cut out, bottles of booze, limited edition Disney princesses and cash prizes (from £100 up to £1000) for a full house.

There’s so much going on during each game.

As the numbers are called out you soon find yourself joining in – you have to say any number eight in an Irish accent, seven you shout SEVEN and when a three is called out different songs by Irish artists are played.

With it being in Newcastle when number 9 was called out a video of Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer celebrating a goal was played on the big screen.

It’s fast, fun and very very funny.

The start of the night

The start of the night

We were up and down on the benches dancing and singing our hearts out.

It’s not all dance music there’s cheesy pop songs and classic hits too – a little bit of everything.

I particularly enjoyed the Five megamix and some other classic pop hits.
Me, Catherine and Joanne
Thankfully after two games there was a 15 minute break where you could get another drink, join the huge queue for the ladies and have a bit of a breather.

There were a couple of breaks throughout the night which we definitely needed!

I was so pleased I’d worn jeans and flat shoes as we really did dance the night away.

I had a brilliant time and I haven’t laughed so much for a good while.
Three of us again
Our tickets were £16 each (I believe it’s a bit more expensive on a Friday night) which I think is really good value for money for such a fun night out.

The fun all kicked off at 8pm and started winding down about 11 o’clock so that £16 paid for a full night’s entertainment.

Sadly I didn’t win any of the prizes but Joanne won on two lines and bagged herself a bottle of Applesourz which we collected before we left – no glass is allowed in the venue and we were escorted out of the building.

Joanne won!

Joanne won!

A night at Bongo’s Bingo is hilarious and it’s a workout! I clocked up more than 5,000 steps just from dancing and I was a bit achy the next day from busting so many moves!

I would definitely go again and hopefully won’t be driving so I can have some wine too.

Where do you get tickets for Bongo’s Bingo?

The Bongo’s Bingo website but make sure you’re on it in time for tickets going on sale – the refresh button might just become your best friend!

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Have you been to Bongo’s Bingo? If you have what did you think and did you win? Let me know in the comments below.


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