Mental Health IS Just As Important As Physical Health – Guest Post

Mental Health IS Just As Important As Physical Health – Guest Post

26th August 2018 34 By Rachael Stray

For my second guest post the lovely Charlotte who writes at has written a really powerful piece about why mental health is just as important as physical health.

Mental Health IS Just As Important As Physical Health

It baffles me as to how not only ourselves, our friends and family tend to sweep mental health under the rug and refuse to see it as a real problem but even doctors do it too.

We seem to still live in the same society set up 100 years ago that told us to carry on if you had a problem, yet no one would expect you to go and mine if you had a broken leg.

The truth is that these outdated society values have still washed us into a thinking that our thoughts, feelings and general mental health just isn’t as important as physical health, if you can’t see it, it’s not real right?

But this is all wrong, I’m not a doctor or a scientist but basic knowledge and even schools teach us that our brain is one of the fundamental parts of the human anatomy that allows us to use our basic human function – meaning without a functioning brain, we won’t be able to do, well, pretty much anything.

Our brain is at the foundation of who we are as humans, it’s not only the reason that we can walk and talk, it’s also the part of us that gives us our identity, our personality and everything that makes you, you.

So, why do we ignore it? Surely, we should be promoting brain health (aka mental health) just as much as heart, liver and kidney health – as any of these failing will be just as fatal of have just as serious consequences as if our brain would shut down too.

We ignore how powerful our brains are, they are miraculous and fascinating things that count for so much more than we realise.

In bad health, you brain can stop you from eating, moving, sleeping or doing anything that we need to promote a healthy lifestyle.

But did you know it can also cause you more physical issue, like literal pain and symptoms that are very real but have no actual cause other than our minds struggling?

You will not be able to do everything you love unless you do put your mental health first.

You want to lose or gain weight permanently – for it to be healthy you need the right mindset which is, part of our brain.

You want to quit drinking or smoking – again, it’s all down to our mental health.

You want to pick up a new hobby, learn a new skill or go back to school – it’ll be very hard unless you have the mental health to do so.

You see, when our brains are sick, everything else becomes incredibly hard and very quickly, it becomes a domino effect of many aspects of your life shutting down.

But this doesn’t need to be scary, we all have mental health and we all respond differently to situations, so learning about ourselves and accessing support, can really make a mile of difference.

Looking after your mental health doesn’t have mean a mindfulness course or going to spend a week in the mountains – unless you want to.

It is just about basic self-care and respect, listening to your needs and learning your limits, basically, being true to yourself and remember that you are the most important person in your life (without you, your life just won’t exist).

So, let’s all take a moment in each day to breathe, take in all that information and then relax all those muscles and tensions – some self-care a day might actually keep the doctor away.

About Charlotte

Charlotte is a 22-year-old from Norfolk. She is a growing mental health advocate and likes to use writing to inform and support.

Charlotte and Sooty by River

Charlotte and Sooty by River

On her blog you can keep up to date with her written work, both self published and through other means.

She posts a lot about mental health, depression, anxiety and suicide as she wants to raise awareness as well as end the stigma.

You can find out more about Charlotte here.

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