30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30 – update

30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30 – update

20th May 2018 73 By Rachael Stray

Back in November I shared my 30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30 list so I thought it’s about time I did an update on my progress so far as my birthday is officially six months away!

Avid readers may remember that I had already ticked off numbers 24-30:

  • Become a fully qualified journalist ✔
  • Learn to drive ✔
  • Get married ✔
  • Go snorkelling in the sea ✔
  • Take a helicopter ride ✔
  • Move back to the North East ✔
  • Start to blog ✔

Which left (only) 23 things on the list to tackle!

So what have I managed to tick off over the past five months or so?

The biggest thing I would say is number 1 on the list – buy our forever home which if you read my goodbye 2017 hello 2018 post you will know we have ticked this one off!

It felt like this was never going to happen as Steve and I were looking practically all over the North East and were getting nowhere fast.

We were given a much-needed kick up the bum when our landlord wanted her house back; so we had to get our skates on.

We were fortunate to find a house we loved, in an area we’d looked at many times before and the family wanted a quick sale as their new house was ready for the beginning of December.

We had to be out of our rented house on Christmas Eve so the timing was perfect really.

The keys to our new home

The keys to our new home

After pushing our solicitors to dot the Is and cross the Ts quickly; we moved in the week before Christmas with the amazing help and support from both sets of parents.

We are settling in well and have had family come and stay which is exactly what we wanted.

So hopefully we will be able to tick off number 9 hosting a dinner party with friends in our forever home soon!

Number 2 on the list was to spend more quality time with my husband If you read my romancing the socks off Valentine’s Day post you will know I made a list of 12 special dates I wanted to do with Steve over the next 12 months (until the following Valentine’s Day).
We’re making our way through them. You can see how we got on ticking number 6 off during our day date at sunny Tynemouth post. So I think I can tick this off as we are definitely spending more quality time together.
Numbers 3 and 4 were similar all about spending more time with family and friends.
If you read my goodbye never gets easier post you’ll know that we’ve had Steve’s sister, husband and our niece stay with us as well as Steve’s parents and we visited Beamish open air museum.

We’ve also been down to stay with Steve’s parents too and if you read my Easter family traditions and my festive favourites posts we’ve spent quality family time together.

I’ll admit I haven’t spent as much time with friends as I would like but I’ve got more catch-up’s in the diary. Every time I meet up with friends it is as though no time has passed which is really lovely and a testament to our friendships.
Numbers 5 and 6 go hand-in hand and I’m still growing my hair out and have decided for the spring and summer to go lighter with my hair. I had caramel highlights a couple of weeks ago and I’m sticking with lighter for now!
If you read my milk chocolate genache cake post you will know that I successfully baked my first ever cake (with the help of Steve) and it was delicious and every last crumb was devoured by family and my work colleagues.img_6635-2
We ticked off number 18 when we went away for Steve’s birthday in April glamping at Hesleyside Huts Northumberland. We had a brilliant time.

Bracken Hut

Bracken Hut

I became a member of CIPR through work in March so I am hoping to work on some professional development which will hopefully lead to a qualification and ticking off number 20 on the list.
I’m hoping to surpass number 22 in September as I will be taking on my first half marathon. Steve and I were successful in the ballot for the Great North Run (gulp). So I’ll be running (crawling, walking, crying) my way through 13.1 miles (that’s half a bleeding marathon) rather than the original 5k I’d said I wanted to tick off!

Hopefully I’ll make it over the finish line before my birthday haha!

Through my GNR training I am exercising more and will hopefully lose some weight. I don’t think I am going to join a gym though.

For the time being I am happy running outside and bouncing on my mini trampoline at home which covers numbers 7 and 8.

So I’ve still got a fair few items to tick off the 30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30 list but I think I’ve made some real progress so far. Some of them are seasonal so I will hopefully tick them off later in the year.

But don’t worry I’ll keep you updated with future blog posts on how I am getting on.

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Do you have a bucket list you’re working on? Is there anything you’d like to achieve before your next big birthday? Let me know in the comments below.

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