My festive favourites from 2017

My festive favourites from 2017

7th January 2018 13 By Rachael Stray

The presents have been opened, the tins of chocolate demolished and the rest of the turkey population can breathe a sigh of relief – that’s Christmas done and dusted for another year!

How was your Christmas? Ours was busy!

As mentioned in my Goodbye 2017 hello 2018 post the hubby and I moved house just a week before the festive fun could begin and I was a little worried my family Christmas traditions would be lost this year.

We didn’t deck our halls so our new home didn’t really feel all that festive. We did receive some cards from family, friends and even some of our new neighbours and this lovely festive bunting helped to bring some Christmas cheer to our living room.

So here’s a wee run down of some of my festive favourites from 2017.

After our surprisingly nice journey down from the North to lovely Lincolnshire it was great to put my feet up and tuck into some choccies while catching up with Steve’s mam and dad on Christmas Eve.

I was really happy when Steve’s mam came downstairs with my brand new funky Christmas Eve jarmies and couldn’t wait to have a shower and get ready for Santa!

Christmas Day was a whirlwind of keeping the newest addition to the family calm (Bobby the dog) while our niece got to work unwrapping her mountain of presents, playing lots of games, enjoying delicious food and lots of laughter.

We didn’t really watch any telly on Christmas Day except for the Call the Midwife Christmas special – who knew the amazing power of a hot water bottle?! It was brilliant as always – I think it’s safe to say the ratings revealed in the paper the next day show that the BBC won the ratings battle and it’s easy to see why.

Boxing Day was a little bit calmer! We didn’t rise before the sun (thank goodness) and we popped to see Steve’s best man and family and of course their newest addition; a gorgeous Westie pup called Max. He got a bit excited and did a wee on the carpet but on the whole was very well behaved!

Lunch was another feast – cold meats, salad, taties and yummy desserts. After which Steve and I thought our niece and Bobby could do with a bit of fresh air so we went for a little walk down the lane.

I think Christmas is all about the little ones and it was lovely to spend quality time with our family – especially our niece and to catch up with friends and their children and to revel in the sheer joy of the magic and playing lots of games!

So our little visit to Lincolnshire was over all too soon and we were back in my native North East.

Did anyone else lose track of the days once Christmas and Boxing day has passed?!

I had planned to catch up with friends on the Friday but we woke up to a blanket of snow so plans were swiftly re-arranged for the following day (weather permitting). Steve and I met more of our new neighbours as we worked together to clear our drives and the road outside our homes. We then went on a lovely wintry walk to blow away the cobwebs.

Thankfully the snow was pretty much melted by the next morning so we tentatively made the journey to Newcastle.

It was great to be able to catch up with friends who I don’t get to see that often and I particularly enjoyed my fish and chips and yummy hot Cadbury fudge dessert while we gossiped at George’s Great British Kitchen in Newcastle.

Christmas Part 2 (ie with my family) was celebrated on New Year’s Eve with the exchange of more presents, a hearty homemade meal of my favourites – prawn cocktail and lasagne – followed by more games, giggles and prosecco (when the table wasn’t wearing it).

We’ve not watched much festive telly but we have enjoyed curling up on the sofa tucking into treats watching the Harry Potter series. We also watched a bit of James Bond and the Big Fat Quiz of the Year because it isn’t Christmas without watching these two!

I received some gorgeous gifts and have been once again truly spoilt but the best bit about Christmas 2017 was being able to share it with family and friends and of course my main man Steve.

For the first time since we met we’ve both had Christmas off (bar Steve being on call a couple of days) and we’ve had a fantastic break full of festive fun. For both of us we’ve had the longest time off over the festive period since we were at school and we enjoyed every minute of it!

As all good things must do our holidays came to an end and we’re both back at work. We haven’t come up with any New Year’s resolutions for 2018 but I will be hoping to make my way through my 30 things to before I’m 30 list with help from Steve.

There’s lots of other exciting things that we’re looking forward to this year as I’ve previously mentioned in my Goodbye 2017 hello 2018 post! I will of course keep you updated with posts going live on Tuesday’s and Sunday’s.

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What were your festive favourites from 2017? Let me know in the comments below.

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