30 before 30 bucket list – how I got on

30 before 30 bucket list – how I got on

9th December 2018 3 By Rachael Stray

I celebrated my 30th birthday at the end of November so thought it was time I shared my 30 before 30 bucket list final update!

Back in November 2017 I shared my 30 things I’d like to before I’m 30 list and now I’ve celebrated my birthday I thought I’d share the final update with you all.

If you read my 30 things I’d like to before I’m 30 – update post you will know I had ticked off numbers 24-30 as well as a few others including buying our forever home which is a pretty big one!

I will admit that unfortunately I have not ticked every item off my list but I think I’ve certainly done some items better than others.

For example, number 22 was run a 5k.

Back in September Steve and I successfully completed the Great North Run which is an actual half marathon – 13.1 miles so I definitely smashed that 5k goal.

We trained for months and I even completed a few 10ks before the big race day so I’d say this one is well and truly ticked off!

You can read all about my training here and what I made of the race day itself here.

What else did I manage to tick off my 30 before 30 bucket list?

I’ve definitely ticked off numbers 2, 3 and 4. I’ve spent lots of quality time with Steve, our families and my friends so I’m really happy with these ones.

I’m still working on number 5 grow my hair out. My hairdresser and I have a plan and I’m sticking to getting a regular trim every six weeks or so.

I did dye my hair which was number 6 – I went lighter and I’m kind of sticking with it for now as I like the lighter tones.

Number 9 I completed after my birthday but it was part of the celebrations so I’m counting it.

It wasn’t a dinner party per se but I cooked food which me and my friends ate, at my house round my table and we had a bloody lovely evening.

I’ve baked a couple of cakes now and helped Steve make some delicious treats including this mega chocolate cake so I’ve definitely ticked off number 15.

Here’s the recipe for my milk chocolate genache cake it was delicious!

Back in April Steve and I ticked off number 18 when we went on our first glamping holiday and we would definitely do it again. I’m happy to say other people have now stayed at Hesleyside Huts following my review and loved it too!

We didn’t manage a full digital detox but I did have longer periods without my phone so there’s still time for me to tick off number 16.

At number 19 was go on a girly holiday/weekend away. For our 30th birthdays two of my best friends and I had a fabulous pamper party package at South Causey Inn and we’d really like to do it again.

I might not have had Afternoon Tea at Betty’s Tea Room in York which was number 23 but I have enjoyed a Bottomless Prosecco Afternoon Tea with the girls as well as a lovely Afternoon Tea at South Causey Inn.

My first Afternoon Tea of the year was with Steve at Slaley Hall.

The Birdcage

What did I not complete on my 30 before 30 bucket list?

Numbers 7 and 8 were about losing weight and joining a gym.

I still haven’t joined a gym yet. I did train and complete a half marathon and been walking and using my mini trampoline so for now I’m happy not going to the gym. I’m not anywhere near as thin as I once was but I’m ok about it!

Number 11 go to church more.

We have gone to church more but just not as often as I’d like as Great North Run training took up such a huge chunk of our weekends and since September we haven’t had a free weekend at all. I will rectify this next year I promise!

Paying my credit card was number 12. While I haven’t completely paid it off following the GiffGaff workshop I have managed to change some of my spending habits and by using the Chip app I have made amazing progress with getting my credit card bill significantly smaller.

I now owe less than £300 – I may have to put a few things on it in January but I am keeping on top of it and paying much higher than the lower rate every month so I am pleased with that.

I never did get to try a battered cream egg which came in at number 13 but I will one day!

We almost did number 14 when we were on holiday but chose to do an ill-fated boat trip instead.

Steve definitely wishes we went horse riding but I was worried I’d get hurt and stranded in a Spanish hospital with horrific injuries so chickened out.

Steve was very seasick so perhaps we should’ve went horse riding after all! He’s keen to get me in the saddle so maybe I will get this one ticked off one day!

I decided to just experiment with eyebrow pencils rather than going full hog for HD brows so I’m happier with the way they look.

And finally number 20 was to do another professional qualification. I did join the CIPR but with actually having three jobs this year since January I haven’t been able to do any qualifications – maybe next year!

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