My Easter family traditions

My Easter family traditions

1st April 2018 7 By Rachael Stray

A very happy Easter Sunday to you all! I for one am very happy that Lent is finally over and I am hoping Spring will properly arrive.
I feel like we’ve been battered by winter weather in recent weeks with the Beast from the East causing havoc; so some warmer temperatures and lighter days would be wonderful!
Today I will be spending the day with my family and of course enjoying yummy Easter eggs but first I am off to church.
I have the important job of becoming a Godmother today (my second Godmother call-up) and I’m honoured and thrilled.
After mass and the party it’s back home to my parents’ for a Sunday roast and some quality family time – a perfect Easter Sunday!

What is Lent?

In Christianity Lent is a time to reflect and fast.
It marks the run-up to the crucifixion of Jesus who spent 40 days in solitude in the desert without any food or drink.
Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and (depending upon your church) ends between Maundy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter Sunday) and Easter Sunday itself.
So ever since I was little I’ve given something up for Lent. In previous years I’ve given up peas, shopping and chocolate.
This year, like last, I gave up Cadbury’s chocolate – my absolute favourite. As many of you will know I am a big lover of Cadbury’s and don’t really like other chocolate.

I have to admit there were many occasions I wanted to give in but I held strong!

I only found out a couple of years ago that Sunday’s don’t count during Lent and you can break your fast – I’ve only allowed myself a teeny bit of Cadbury chocolate on some Sunday’s this year.
I’m really looking forward to tucking into my favourites – creme eggs, mini eggs and all yummy Cadbury chocolate! I think my face may resemble Bruce’s post-cake eating chocolate chops from Matilda today.

Steve gave up digestive biscuits – his real Achilles heel.

He’s done marvellously well!
He did actually eat some Cadbury chocolate in front of me the big meanie but I did forgive him (eventually).

My Easter family traditions

I really love Easter.
It’s (usually) warmer than Christmas, you still get treats and a roast dinner and some time off thanks to school holidays for the kids and Bank Holidays for us adults!
This year is the first time Steve and I have had the four days off together which has been really lovely.
Good Friday means no meat in our household so fish is on the menu.

Most Friday’s we try to have fish but I always ensure I have no meat at all on Good Friday.

For lunch I had a salmon sandwich and Steve had mackerel on toast. For tea we both had cod and chips – delicious.

Traditionally, many families will be tucking into lamb today (Easter Sunday) but we usually have turkey as I didn’t eat lamb for a long time.

Last year my Mam went a bit crazy with loads of different meat. I think she’s doing three types today!
My parents will probably be enjoying some hot crossed buns, warm with butter this morning I am sure.

I’m not a big fan so I used to have croissants instead!

My parents always used to buy my brother and I a new outfit for Easter as well as yummy Easter eggs and chocolate so it felt like a mini Christmas!
I think it’s lovely when you see families taking part in Easter egg hunts – little ones in particular really get into a good Easter egg hunt.
I love spending Easter Sunday with my family enjoying good food and quality time together; as well as remembering and reflecting on the real meaning of Easter.

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What are your Easter traditions? Did you give anything up for Lent? Let me know in the comments below.

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