Pinterest makeover thanks to Pickledy Pins

Pinterest makeover thanks to Pickledy Pins

17th July 2018 20 By Rachael Stray

My Pinterest account has recently had a makeover thanks to Pickledy Pins and I love it!

I started using Pinterest waaay before my blogging days but just dipped in and out of using it. Since I started my blog back in September last year I’ve been trying to up my social media game and I knew my Pinterest account needed some TLC desperately.

After receiving a cheque from our electricity supplier thanks to our super solar panels I had some extra cash and decided to invest it in pimping my Pinterest account.

I’ve been a big fan of fellow blogger Em Linthorpe for a good while now and she recently launched a service to pimp up your Pinterest account – namely Pickledy Pins. You can read an overview of it here.

With Pickledy Pins still being quite new Em had an offer on the price of the packages so I dropped her an email to find out more.

Em outlined what the two different packages were and what they included for the price and I opted for the Board Master package which was half price at £25.

What does the Board Master package include?

  • Initial chat
  • Questionnaire to get a thorough idea of your branding, your ideas and your requirements
  • 3 sample designs to pick your theme from
  • As many redesigns as necessary until you are completely happy
  • A set of up to 30 Pinterest cover boards sent to you in a .zip file
  • Simple but detailed instructions on how to upload your Pinterest board covers yourself
  • Em will upload and configure each of your board covers to each relevant board
  • Want your new cover image to match your board covers? For no extra cost she will create a board just for your board covers, perfect for your main profile cover image
  • Want your profile to look super tidy? For no extra cost Em can add 5 on-topic pins to each boards to “push down” the addition of the cover, making your boards look completely smart
  • An “aftercare” PDF so you can keep your Pinterest profile looking fabulous, even if you need to make changes to it yourself.

My Pinterest account is practically gleaming after Em worked her magic.

My board covers are beautiful and my profile actually makes sense and looks professional – before it was quite honestly a mess.

You can check it out for yourself here.

Em not only cleans up your account, makes beautiful board covers but she also offers you LOADS of useful tips and advice to make the most of Pinterest and to hopefully get you new followers, more re-pins and click-throughs to your website.

I upgraded my account to a business account which is one of Em’s very first recommendations and this means I can now see analytics and how pins are performing.

Before Em cleaned up my account I was getting about 1k of monthly unique viewers (if that) I’m currently at the 35k mark and climbing – in less than two months!

I’m also getting more referrals to my blog directly from Pinterest than I ever did before.

Em replied to my emails and any queries I had promptly and professionally. She explained the process clearly and thoroughly and it was so simple (at my end anyway).

I had to make two payments of £12.50 (one prior to her working her magic) and this was done safely and securely via PayPal (and one later on).

I’ve still got work to do at my end of course but having Em and her creative genius has given me and my account such a boost and I’m already reaping the benefits of her labour.

In my opinion it was the best £25 I’ve spent in a long while!

I would absolutely 100% recommend using Em and her Pickledy Pins service.

She is bloody brilliant (and no she hasn’t paid me to do this blog post) I’m just so impressed and grateful with her work I wanted to share the joy with everyone!

To find out more about Em’s Pickledy Pins service please visit her blog here.

Follow Pickledy Pins on Twitter to keep up with news, special offers and competitions.

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