5 free websites to create infographics

5 free websites to create infographics

3rd October 2017 51 By Rachael Stray

Infogaphics are easy to understand, shareable and interesting. You can even create them for free.
People don’t have time to read a never-ending-scroll of text online  – fundamentally we’re lazy. So as communicators it’s our job to cut through all the white noise and get the message out there.
This is where infographics have a part to play.

What is an infographic?

  • It’s a way of taking information and putting it into a graphic to make it easier to digest and understand.
  • You can use them in different ways to tell a story, make comparisons, flowcharts or simply to list facts.
  • They can be a static image or even animated.

Infographics are great because they are so shareable across social media and other websites.

Where can I create an infographic?

If you’re on a tight budget like most of us are there’s plenty of free websites out there that you can use to create engaging and interesting infographics.

Here’s three websites that I personally use:

Canva is a great website.

You can create infographics using templates or completely from scratch as well as postcards, social media images, blog graphics, a presentation and much more. I use Canva on a daily basis.
It’s very simple to use and most of the templates and add-ons are free. You can upload your own pictures too.
I’ve created a couple of infographics using Canva such as this one:
Top tips to reduce fuel bills
But I mostly use it to create images for social media posts such as the below:
You can either use it in the browser or download the Canva iPad app to design on the move.

Another useful website is Piktochart.

You can create infographics, presentations, posters, reports and flyers. The custom editor lets you modify colour schemes and fonts, insert pre-loaded graphics and upload basic shapes and images.
There’s templates and instructions to help you. The free ones are good and if you have a little budget you can go pro too.


Is another cracking website that offers a hell of a lot. They’ve helpfully broken down infographics by theme: such as statistical, comparison, fun, data and so on; cutting out some of your leg work trying to find a template which works for your message.
You can also create charts, social media graphics, listographics, a whole host of marketing materials and can even animate them.

Two others to try:


Is a great free tool with a wide variety of graphs, charts and maps as well as the ability to upload pictures and videos to create cool infographics.


Offers you a dozen free easily customisable templates to start you off. You get access to a library of things like arrows, shapes and connector lines, and you can customise the text with a range of fonts, colours, text styles and sizes.
You can also upload your own graphics and position them.

So the only thing left for you to do is to sign up to some infographic websites and start crafting your own.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece upload it to your website, use it in your social media posts and share, share and share again across your various platforms.

You could include them in a free Spark Video  too. I’ve blogged on how to create a Spark video in a previous post:  Spark Videos – an easy way to get your message across.

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