How to sleep well in a heatwave

How to sleep well in a heatwave

5th August 2018 45 By Rachael Stray

What’s worse than tossing and turning all night in a muggy bedroom? Sweat-soaked hair and tossed sheets never make for a good night’s sleep, and often leave us crabby in the morning.

As we face record-high temperatures here in the UK, I wanted to share some tips to sleep well in a heatwave.

How to sleep well in a heatwave


Prep Your Room During the Day

Surprisingly, you can do a lot of the heavy lifting in this battle while you’re at work!

Keep your windows at home closed and blinds drawn during the day to keep the outside heat from creeping inside.

If you can, it’s worth investing in some blackout curtains to do an even better job – 30 percent better, in fact, than regular curtains.

When you’re back for the night, try spritzing some water on your curtains and partially closing them over your open window.

The breeze will cool as it blows past the water in the curtains and into your room acting as natural air conditioning!

cotton sheets

Use the Best Bedding

Constantly flipping your pillow to get the cool side?

Try investing in a breathable pillow that uses airflow to stay cool throughout the night.

It will help circulate air around your head to keep your temperatures low, and help you sleep through the night!

Also, make sure you’re ditching the fancy silk or polyester sheets and going for the classic: cool cotton.

It’s much more breathable and lightweight than other fabrics and will keep you cooler for longer.

Check out some of my other cool bedding tips here.


Go for an Evening Jog

Contrary to popular belief, running at night doesn’t keep you up, it actually preps your body for rest.

Your body craves sleep after exercise to rebuild its muscles, no matter the temperature.

A brief run at night also immediately lowers your stress levels which makes it easier to ignore temperature discomfort at bedtime.

Plus, even though it’s not immediate, if you exercise regularly enough to get your resting heart rate down, it’ll become easier for your body to cool itself naturally.

Just be careful not to overheat while working out and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

Many avid readers will know that I’m taking on my first half marathon in September so training on an evening is working for me.


Choose the Right Nightwear

Although many people believe that sleeping in the nude is the best way to keep cool, the best option for beating the heat is to wear an oversized cotton t-shirt.

The large size keeps air flow around your body, and the fabric will wick away sweat to keep your body temperature down.

If you’re able to sleep wearing an eye mask, try a gel pearl eye mask that can be frozen.

Not only do these help alleviate some of the beauty issues that arise in heat waves, it also chills the blood vessels and nerves in your face which can help lower your overall body temperature and block out some of the light too!


Eat Smartly

Surprisingly, your diet can have an impact on your body’s temperature, so it’s important to watch what you eat before bed.

Try enjoying a late-night snack that retains a lot of water, like cucumbers, watermelons, or apples, and avoid alcohol that dehydrates you.

Also, try to avoid cooking inside your home where possible. An oven or stove can significantly increase the temperature of a small home when it’s on for a prolonged period of time.

Take the night off to keep your house cool, and treat yourself to a grilled dinner, takeaway or eat out at a restaurant. Just tell yourself it’s an investment in your sleep!

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What tricks do you use to stay cool in the summer heat? Let me know in the comments below.

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