Chris Ramsey I’m Just Happy To Get Out Of The House Tour review

Chris Ramsey I’m Just Happy To Get Out Of The House Tour review

4th November 2018 5 By Rachael Stray

Last night I watched a bit of history being made as Chris Ramsey brought his I’m Just Happy To Be Out Of The House tour to Newcastle Metro Radio Arena which was also being filmed for TV.

It’s the first time that a comedy show has been recorded for a televised stand-up show at the arena so I felt privileged to be in the live audience and being a part of it.

I’ve seen Chris live before but actually never in the North East and he’s a local lad – from South Shields so wanted to see how he was surrounded by fellow Geordies (although he is a Sandancer we accept him as a Geordie – we’re canny like that).

Before Chris took to the stage and an audience of about 7,000 his warm up act was the very funny Carl Hutchinson.

He’s a Geordie too and a childhood friend of Ramsey’s.

I’ve seen Carl supporting Chris before and he’s hilarious and very much worthy of his own tour.

He’s touring the UK solo with various dates and I would recommend you check him out. 

Carl warmed up the crowd very nicely for Chris.

He talked about the realities of buying a house (it leaves you skint) and the hilarious downside of renovation work particularly when you’re without a working toilet.

I don’t think I will ever look at bin bags in the same way again “if it’s got handles – USE THEM!”

His story of him and his girlfriend Sophie getting kicked out of a friends BBQ is brilliant and was a real crowd pleaser.

And his drunken kebab order certainly resonated with the whole crowd – we’ve all been there pet!

After an interval where many took the chance to nip to the loo and bar it was time for the headline act to make an appearance.

Chris emerged through the red door of the blow up house which was the focal point of his stand-up set and he was clearly proud as punch to be performing to a crowd of Geordies.

As the show was being filmed for TV he did go over a couple of lines especially as he went on some very Geordie local tangents that wouldn’t mean much to a wider UK audience but we the crowd were supportive and let him start again and we still laughed as he’s genuinely a funny guy!

In smaller more intimate venues Chris usually starts the show by talking to a few members of the audience and you get to see his wit and quick-thinking one-liners shine through which I must admit I did miss a bit.

That being said he was still side-splittingly funny so I got over it!

He is a family man now, married and a father to cheeky toddler Robin, but he’s kept his cheeky side which we all fell in love with from his early comedy days.

The tour is called ‘The Just Happy To Be Out  Of The House Tour’ but the subjects he covered are quite real and heartfelt – especially when he touches on his dad’s cancer scare.

Like many other Geordies I’m a big fan of Chris’ wife Rosie and I follow her on Instagram she is bloody hilarious, down to earth and comes across as a lovely person.

So I’m well aware of the daily ups and downs and mad world their life is.

Chris recognises his wife has her own fan following when he starts talking about their home and describing the open plan kitchen and living room “who am I kidding of course you know what my whole house looks like – Rosie’s always showing everything on Instagram!”

His complaints about Rosie totally resonate with other couples myself included – especially the dishwasher arguments! If I could have a copy of your laminated dishwasher stacking instructions Chris that would be much appreciated.

His hatred of slow cookers is genius and incredibly funny and his toddler tales will have even the non-parents among the audience cackling!

The tour continues so if you haven’t seen Chris live before or this particular tour yet then don’t hang about – grab a ticket before they sell out.

While you’re waiting I recommend following Chris and his wife Rosie on Instagram you won’t regret it.

The Ramsey’s are starting their own podcast and I can’t wait.

Steve and I had a great evening filled with laughter and knowing nods. Both Carl and Chris were brilliant and it was absolutely lush seeing them on home soil.

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