Bring videos back-in house with Comms2point0 training

Bring videos back-in house with Comms2point0 training

21st November 2017 11 By Rachael Stray

Video is king there’s no denying it. Big brands have been using video within their marketing strategy fantastically well across numerous channels with hefty price tags.

But that shouldn’t stop a small comms team from venturing into the world of producing videos in-house with little budgets.

In many comms teams there’s a gap in the vital hands-on skills and knowledge needed to create and deliver quality films which make a difference and don’t cost the earth.

This is where the Essential Video Skills for Comms workshop comes in to save the day.

Who is this workshop for?

This is for communications, marketing, graphic designers and web people. You can be public sector, private sector, charity sector or freelance.

Who delivers the workshop? 

Dan Slee,comms2point0 co-founder, who has spent more than 20 years working for and with the media.
Steven Davies, creative director of Filmcafe Ltd, a University lecturer in TV and digital media with more than a decade of experience working for BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4.
I can vouch that the workshop will be fun, informal and absolutely essential to anyone wanting to get to grips with video.

What you will learn?

– How best to place video into your comms mix to help you with your strategy.
– How best to work out if a video is needed… or not.
– What the difference is between live and recorded video.
– How best to plan your video.
– How best to compose your shots.
– How best to decide who to include… and ways to include those you have to include.
– How best to record the best consistent footage.
– How best to use light to the best effect.
– How best to shoot an interview.
– How best to record sound.
– How best to edit using an android or apple device.
– How best to add cutaways to your edit.
– How best to add music without getting sued.
– How best to add text and logos.
– How best to add a voiceover.
– How best to decide the length of the edit to suit your channel.
– How best to get the most out of your video once it has finished.
– What kit you’ll need.

As a bonus (not included when I did the workshop)

In the days after the workshop, shoot a short practice film and have your work critiqued. Hurrah!

I did this workshop on my very first day in a previous role with a colleague from my team in June 2016.

We made the journey to Leeds and we learned all of the above skills while enjoying cake and having a good ole laugh.

Armed with all these fantastic new video skills we went back to the office pumped up, eager to get creating our own videos and more importantly we shared what we had learned with the rest of the team.

The team had produced some videos before but our YouTube channel was in dire need of some TLC and new videos.

So we set to work and I have to say the videos we’ve produced as a team are great for both internal and external use.

We’ve even produced videos to be used for training and education purposes too. The media have even used our videos to accompany stories and given the Trust credit.

As a team we’ve embraced Facebook Live successfully, especially during times of crisis, all using the skills from this one workshop.
Now that’s value for money.

Here’s a couple of videos I’ve produced using an iphone, lapel mic and edited in iMovie on an iPad following the workshop.

Induction video for new staff to show different ways we can communicate with deaf patients with the aim of improving communication:

A day in the life of a volunteer as part of a volunteer recruitment campaign:

A training video for staff on the use of ligature cutters:

This workshop is 100 per cent worth every penny – not just for the skills, the networking or the enjoyment but the confidence you gain.

If you’re thinking of bringing videos in-house do it – but do this workshop first, you absolutely will not regret it.

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