Upping my fitness with FitBit Alta

Upping my fitness with FitBit Alta

5th September 2018 16 By Rachael Stray

I have been really trying to up my fitness lately and my FitBit Alta is helping to keep me on track.

Avid readers will know that for Valentine’s Day this year the hubby bought me a FitBit as I’d had my eye on one for ages and I’m now upping my step count on a daily basis.

I’ve used clip on pedometers before but found them to be a bit naff and limited so I wanted something a bit more robust that could motivate and keep me on track with my fitness goals.

My wrists are still quite slender so I wanted a thinner device that I’d feel comfortable wearing all the time. I think the FitBIt Alta is the perfect tracker for anyone who wants to still look stylish and doesn’t want an obvious and bulky fitness tracker sitting on their wrist.

The Alta comes in the original black/silver, plum/silver (mine) as well as a special edition black/gold and pink/rose gold. You also have a large selection of different colours available in the silicone bands, as well as three leather band options. So really no matter what colours or styles you like, there is something for everyone!

Purple is my favourite colour so I’m glad Steve chose this one for me.

The Alta has a watch strap style buckle which ensures that the device is attached safely around your wrist and it feels comfortable to wear. You can also track your sleep using the app so I wear my device all the time (except for showering, bathing and swimming).

I’ve found it really easy to use both on the device and the app. The screen displays the time (which can be customised in a variety of clock faces) and it is large and clear to read, despite the smaller screen.

A few simple taps on the screen takes you through a variety of information including steps taken, calories burned, km’s walked etc. you can choose on your app what information you’d like displayed and in what order.

The Alta has a seriously impressive battery and just a short two hour charge is enough battery to last for nearly a week of wear. Compared to some other trackers that only last a couple of days, this is impressive, and means that recharging doesn’t get in the way of you tracking your steps and goals.

Features include:

  • Water and food tracking
  • Automatic exercise tracking for exercises such as running and walking
  • The ability to add in exercises such as weights or yoga
  • Reminders to move each hour, with a 250 step goal
  • Silent alarms and reminders
  • Text and call alerts on your phone
  • An easy to use app which provides up to date information
  • Customisable fitness and health goals including steps taken, calories burnt and more

I really like the app and being able to look back on how many steps I’ve done in previous weeks.

I’ve found I am wanting to hit my 10,000 steps a day target and I’m trying to hit my personal targets every day. Although the scales don’t say I’ve lost any weight I’ve had lots of comments from people saying I look like I’ve lost weight and I do think some items of clothing are fitting me better.


  • The sleek, slim design
  • The variety of more stylish colours
  • The watch strap style band
  • All of the information is easy to read on the screen
  • The long battery life
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable on your wrist

My overall thoughts on Fitbit Alta

Overall, I’m super impressed with the Alta and I love the slim, sleek size and shape which is perfect for those of us who want a tracker but don’t want it getting in the way.

At first the motion light up option was a pain every time I rolled over in bed it flashed up – I soon learnt how to turn that off. I now have to tap to display the information on the screen to see the time, how many steps I’ve burnt etc – no more lighting up the room when I go to cuddle Steve at night!

The app is really good and I want to explore it more – you can set personal challenges and join in with other ones too. Ladies you can also use it to track your periods!

I will share in another post how I am getting my 10,000 steps a day!

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Do you have a FitBit or another tracking device? How do you find wearing a fitness tracker? Let me know in the comments below.

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