How to survive a couples trip to Ikea

How to survive a couples trip to Ikea

3rd December 2017 69 By Rachael Stray

After a recent trip to Ikea I’ve fallen back in love with the Swedish furniture company but have decided you need a game plan before you go with your other half.

My husband and I didn’t used to live near an Ikea so we’d never actually been in one together.

He suggested one Saturday afternoon that we go “for a look around” so off we popped in my car the thirty minute journey to our local store.

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Ikea which jokingly refers to certain products as “husband killers,” can be bad for relationships.

We’ve survived building flat-pack furniture together but a simple journey to Ikea was almost a disaster – we survived (just about).
Ikea meme
I don’t know if it’s just our Ikea but blimey it’s difficult to actually get to the customer parking.

The sat nav unhelpfully takes you behind the big blue building of doom – to the delivery entrance.

So after driving aimlessly around the back of the building, I decided it was best to ring my superhero mam to ask her how the heck we get in.

I turned the car around in a desperate search for the bright lights of ASDA as she promised me the car park is just behind the supermarket.

After what felt like a lifetime we eventually found ourselves wandering around the massive store.

Ikea literally has everything.
Plastic bags for food prep – check.
Furniture for your entire house – check.
Plants and outside furniture for your garden – check.
Stationary and wrapping paper – check.
Gifts for all the family – check.
Amazing and cheap scented candles – check.

I mean seriously they do everything – even food at the deli on the way out! I left with a clear makeup organiser (reduced from £15 to less than a tenner) and a really handy triple USB plug and thankfully no divorce on the cards.

What I bought at Ikea

What I bought at Ikea

Needless to say he drove back and we’re trying to erase the painful memories!
Before we head off to Ikea again perhaps we should take the Buzzfeedquiz to check if our relationship can survive a trip to Ikea. 

Here’s some tips to survive a couples trip to Ikea

  1. Don’t go when you’re hungry (unless you grab some food from the cafe straight away)
  2. Don’t go when you’re tired (unless you have a sneaky nap on the comfy display furniture)
  3. Don’t go when you’re stressed (unless you go and sniff all the amazing scented candles)
  4. Go with the knowledge that you just have to go all the way around Ikea because the only way out is through
  5. Accept that you will buy something (probably stuff you don’t need but will love)
  6. Find out how you actually get there and parked (believe me this is stressful)
  7. Don’t go during peak times (eg new catalogue launch day, Saturday day time, near Christmas)
  8. Go when it’s a bit quieter (later on a Saturday and just evenings in general really)
  9. Do get a big yellow bag to put your items in otherwise your arms will get tired from trying to hold everything and you’ll end up dropping stuff
  10. Remember a trip to Ikea can be stressful but just take some comfort knowing that almost all couples will argue because of Ikea and that’s ok.

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Anyone else have any wonderful memories of couple trips to Ikea they’d like to share? Share the love in the comments below.

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