20 things you only know if you went to an all-girls school

20 things you only know if you went to an all-girls school

15th October 2017 47 By Rachael Stray

Going to an all-girls high school isn’t like St Trinian’s but it does shape the person you become.
Here’s a little checklist that I’m sure most (if not all) of my fellow all-girls school survivors will relate to.
Please let me know if I’ve missed anything.

  1. There’s two ways to wear your school skirt either rolled up ridiculously short or too long (aka the actual length as designated by the school rules).
  2. You saved all the nice Jane Norman bags to carry stuff into school with.
  3. The words ‘Now ladies’ became a part of daily life and you started to get really annoyed if anyone referred to you as a ‘girl’.
  4. Stuffing your mobile down your bra or readjusting your bra in public was just a normal thing to do.
  5. Similarly you probably still pull your tights up in public because it’s definitely socially acceptable to do that, right?
  6. You never underestimate the ability of another woman’s strength. You’ve seen first-hand the brutality of a female fight and you fancy keeping your hair in your head and your face claw-mark free.
  7. Over sharing isn’t something you’re familiar with and you don’t realise until you’re put into a mix-gender environment that some things are best kept to yourself, sorry boys!
  8. You thought you were the bees knees because you had all the good stationery from W H Smiths including all the smelly gel pens ever made.
  9. If there was a remotely decent looking male teacher, he became the Brad Pitt of the school.
  10. You tried to play the period card to get out of PE lessons. It mostly didn’t work though and you were out there on the rounders field with the rest of your mates.
  11. However if you really were caught off-guard and did come on your period at school it wasn’t the end of the world. Your 30 odd class mates were happy to offer you any spare tampons and sanitary pads of all shapes and sizes.
  12. There was always a rumour going round that a male teacher was sacked for sleeping with a sixth-former.
  13. Any opportunity to see the boys from the other school sent you and your group of friends into states of hysteria, especially if one of you had been texting him/chatting on MSN messenger.
  14. The first girl in your class to have sex became like the Messiah. Girls would gather round her in a circle to hear her words of wisdom.
  15. There was always one girl in your class who was really good at plaiting and she had queues waiting to have their hair styled next.
  16. Non-uniform days involved weeks of preparation. Planning; shopping for; executing the look and discussions on MSN who was wearing what.
  17. You were exhausted after lunch because you spent 10 minutes inhaling your food and 50 chatting with your mates.
  18. You can’t hear the Spice Girls ‘Goodbye’ without tearing up thinking about your leavers assembly.

friends wedding day Me and my friends on my wedding day.[/caption]

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Do you have any tales to tell from your days at school? Let me know in the comments below.

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