SIPB Summer Tag – My summertime favourites

SIPB Summer Tag – My summertime favourites

8th August 2018 26 By Rachael Stray

I recently joined a fabulous Sharing Inspiring Bloggers Facebook Group which is a great safe space and I love that I feel part of a supportive blogging community.

Fellow blogger Amelia from You Can Always Start Now put it out there in the group that maybe we could do a summer tag post.

With the idea being you know, just sitting around getting to know each other – I loved this idea! You can see her post and answers here

So here are my answers:

What is your favorite summer holiday destination?

This year we are having a really great summer – a heatwave infact in the UK – so I am really enjoying visiting the North East coastline with my hubby on days out.

Favorite childhood memory of summer.

So many! I loved playing with my friends in the street. We’d play hide and seek, , British Bull Dog, ride our bikes and buy ice pops from the corner shop.

We’d be out all day until it got dark (or it was time for food) and we had so much fun.

Which do you prefer ice cream or frozen yogurt?

I have to say I prefer ice cream. One of the things we miss about living in Lincolnshire is nipping to Boston for a Skinner’s ice cream.

Sometimes their ice cream van would come to our street and we’d pop out and get a tub for a fiver. Yum!

I am hoping to take Steve’s mind off his beloved Skinner’s by trying lots of different ice cream places up here.

What is your go to dinner on a hot summer evening? Feel free to share the recipe!!

I’m not a great cook – I prefer eating to cooking.

But in the summer I do love some chicken, fresh salad, cheese and potatoes washed down with an ice cold Coca Cola.

What is your favorite BBQ food!

Again something we miss about Lincolnshire is Mountain’s Boston Sausages – they are the best.

We do have some in our freezer though. They are perfect on the BBQ.

A song/s that take you back to an amazing summer.

So many! I think this one always takes me and my friends back to lots of fun summers together 

How do you beat the heat in the summer?

I have two recent posts packed full of tips to beat the heat – the first is 10 tips to keep your home cool in summer and the second is how to sleep in a heatwave.

Do you prefer swimming in the ocean or a pool?

I love the ocean – the smell of it and the sound just takes me back to many happy childhoods spent along the stunning North East coast.

We have lovely award-winning beaches here in the North East and I spent many summers swimming in the sea when I was younger but I’m not sure if it’s warm enough for me now!

I’m not a very strong swimmer so I do feel safer swimming in a pool where I can clutch onto the sides and stand up so I have to say I prefer swimming in a pool now.

What is your preferred summer vacation. Travel with family? Solo? or Friends?

We usually go away in September when the kids are back at school so we will be spending summer having days out in the North East which I am so happy about!

I like travelling with family and friends but now I’m married I have to say my hubby!

So flip-flops or barefoot?

Flip-flops so long as they are seagrass ones – much more comfy! I’m not a big fan of feet especially not my own!

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