Saturday night at the movies – A Star is Born

Saturday night at the movies – A Star is Born

21st October 2018 20 By Rachael Stray

A Saturday night at the movies is an evening well spent in my opinion and I couldn’t wait to drag the hubby to watch A Star is Born.

Our weekends until mid-November are accounted for with lots of different plans with friends and family here there and everywhere so I knew my opportunities to go the cinema were limited.

So in preparation for friends visiting last weekend the weekend before we spent organising the house but I deliberately kept the Saturday night free.

We booked tickets quite last minute for the 8:30pm showing of A Star is Born at the Odeon at Metro Centre.

After quick showers we headed straight over and collected to our tickets and grab a bite to eat.

Lots of the restaurants in the Yellow Mall offer a cinema meal deal with discounted prices if you show your tickets.

We decided to indulge in some yummy burgers from Handmade Burger Company taking advantage of their generous two burgers for £10 deal.

With the burgers devoured I quickly popped downstairs to the sweetie shop for popcorn and snacks before we headed into our screen.

A Star is Born review

I’ll admit I haven’t seen the previous two versions of this film so can only judge this film on its own merit.

We all know Lady Gaga has a bloody brilliant voice but I didn’t realise how talented Bradley Cooper is.

He acts, directs and sings in this film!

The plot is quite simply boy meets girl and they fall in love. Boy is a famous country star singer and girl can also belt out a tune and pretty soon her career is taking off.

But it’s a bit more than just a love story there’s humour, fantastic songs, drama and heartache.

I don’t want to ruin the film for those that haven’t yet seen it (or the previous versions) but I recommend taking some tissues with you!

Their relationship isn’t a straightforward Cinderella fairytale.

Cooper plays a character that uses both music and alcohol as a means of escape after his parents died when he was young.

Gaga undoubtedly holds her own against the more seasoned actor, but his unforgettable Grammys performance and subsequent breakdown are truly the stuff that Oscars are made of.

I really enjoyed the film and felt that we were taken on a journey –  Jackson and Ally meeting and falling in love, Ally’s rise to fame and Jackson spiralling into drink and drug abuse and his hearing problems.

I felt so excited for Ally finally getting her big break and her music career taking off but at the same time her personal life was falling apart as her husband’s drink and drug abuse worsened and my heart ached for her.

I think the soundtrack is brilliant and no doubt will be topping the charts for a while to come yet.

If you haven’t seen A Star is Born do it – go to the cinema and enjoy the full experience but be prepared it’s not a fairytale ending.

Have you seen A Star is Born, what did you think? What films are you looking forward to watching? Let me know in the comments below.

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