Happy birthday daddy

Happy birthday daddy

5th February 2018 24 By Rachael Stray

So today is a very special day it’s my dad’s 60th birthday and I wanted to take an opportunity to say thank you to him for being the best dad in the world!

I’m a self-confessed daddy’s girl – even now I’m married and no longer living at home – my dad is still the apple of my eye (sorry hubby dearest).

My dad cool as a cucumber on the morning of my wedding

My dad cool as a cucumber on the morning of my wedding

For those of you who have read my Some heroes wear capes others are stepmum’s post you’ll know all about how amazing my mam is and that I’m very lucky.

My dad has always been my rock and my absolute legend.

He has never given up on me through the various highs and extreme lows and I’ll be forever grateful for the love, support and encouragement he and my mam have given me – and continue to give me!

I know that without them I certainly would not be the woman I am today.

For my closest friends I know you are well versed in my rocky start into the world, the custody battle and the family fall-outs and I don’t really want to get into that in this post.

Anyway back to my amazing dad…

I think I get a lot of my quirks from my dear (less of the) old dad.

  • We both really dislike onions (bleurgh)
  • and love Cadbury chocolate – although my dad and little brother enjoy chocolate from the freezer whereas I like my chocolate room temperature so it melts on the tongue
  • I owe my love of social justice, politics and football to my dad
  • he is a big lover of music (both playing and listening to) and I think that’s why I have such an eclectic taste in music.

Although my childhood wasn’t fairy-tale perfect (let’s be honest not many of us have those) my dad has remained a constant good thing in my life.

When I was growing up he always knew how to make me laugh, keeping me entertained with funny stories (even putting on voices) and both he and my mam spoilt me (in the nicest possible way) despite tight purse strings; particularly when I was younger.

He was left rather red-faced one particular parents’ evening in primary school when my teacher recounted the tale of when he dressed in my mam’s summer dress declaring himself “Daddy Doubtfire” one Saturday afternoon.

As he introduced himself Mrs Rodgers said: “Yes Mr Cousins, the occasional cross-dresser, Rachael has told us all about your penchant for dressing up in women’s dresses.”

Heads up to all the parents reading – children will tell their school friends and teachers all the little embarrassing stories.

My dad has a wicked sense of humour which often winds everyone up but he is a massive joker and only ever means well.

He always has a tale to tell (more often than not leading you up the garden path) but he’s a fountain of knowledge and is a great team member for a quiz!

If you read my festive favourite’s post you will know the last quiz we played my dad’s team (aka my nana) got a little bit too competitive and the table cloth fell victim to an overzealous wave of an arm and a glass of red wine!

I have many happy memories watching him behind his big drums with my mam by my side in various bands over the years.

My dad playing the drums

My dad playing the drums

My dad is so important to me and I was so proud that my then-boyfriend (now husband) understood this and asked my dad’s permission before proposing – that meant so much to me.

I was so proud when my dad walked me down the aisle and when he shared my second dance as a married woman to our song, My Girl.

My dad and I just before he walked me down the aisle

My dad and I just before he walked me down the aisle

Moving back to my native North East has meant being able to see more of my family including my nana which I’ve really enjoyed and I intend on making the most of spending time with family and friends (both up here and elsewhere) as you really can’t ever take time for granted.

As you get older and your parents also get older you realise that they won’t always be here and for some of my friends that harsh reality has already happened with some  suffering a loss I cannot bear to think about.

So how has my dad celebrated this milestone birthday? As my husband is quickly realising, we don’t just celebrate on your birthday, we like to stretch out the fun over a few days in my family.

On Saturday my parents and some friends went to Tynemouth for a gig and got home well past midnight (dirty stop-outs).

Yesterday family and friends popped round to my childhood home for food and drinks with a special drum shaped cake and it was really lovely. Two of my dad’s cousins who he hadn’t seen for many years also popped by as a surprise. There was also an inflatable zimmer frame much to everyone’s amusement!

Tonight we’re off for a small immediate family meal at the only restaurant my family ever go to in Newcastle.

On Wednesday my parents are off to York for the day and I think that might be just about it for the birthday celebrations!

So happy birthday daddy I hope you’ve enjoyed all your celebrations, love you 9 forever xxx

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