Great North Run race day

Great North Run race day

9th September 2018 23 By Rachael Stray

Today is the day I take on the Great North Run – the most famous half marathon in the world – gulp!

For those of you who read my 30 things I’d like to do before I’m 30 post you will know that number 22 was about me wanting to run a proper 5k – despite the fact I am not a runner by any means!

So after months of training and shopping for running gear, race day is finally here! I won’t lie to you I’m a bag of nerves and just hope I can do this.

My new very bright stretchy running gear

This morning and probably most of today I will be pounding the pavements working my way from Newcastle to South Shields clocking up 13.1 miles.

I’m running for my dad and everyone else who has Diabetes and hoping to raise money to help Diabetes UK bring about life-changing breakthroughs in care, treatment and prevention.

Someone is diagnosed with diabetes approximately every two minutes and there are more than 140 amputations a week in the UK due to diabetes related complications.

If you’re feeling charitable I am still accepting donations on my Justgiving Page if you’d be ever so kind enough to make a small one you can do so here. I’ll be super grateful, thank you.

I’m not under any illusion that I will finish with a fantastic time I’m just hoping to cross the finish line at all really – and hopefully not be the last person over it!

I still can’t believe that both Steve and I were both successful in the Great North Run ballot as thousands and thousands of people enter! It gave us a common goal to pursue together which I think has brought us closer.

When we’re out for a run; this is time we get to cheer each other on and encourage one another – all while exercising and reducing our stress.

It’s hard work (probably more so for me) as I’m actually running and a bit of a sweaty mess and Steve is cruising along next to me barely above a walking pace! He’s got such long legs!

Training has not been easy. We both work busy full time jobs Monday to Friday which didn’t leave much time during the week to fit a long run in.

Back in March we were hit quite badly with the Beast from the East up here which put us out of action for a couple of weeks.

Then I jetted off to South Africa for week and when I came back I was ill with severe food poisoning for a couple of weeks.

Then this summer has been one of the hottest for decades and running in extreme heat was very tough!

So despite a few training set backs and my knackered lungs (I have severe scarring thanks to a bout of double pnemonia as a child) I’m taking this challenge head on, one trainer in front of the other with the hope of raising some money for charity, the crowds cheering me on over that finish line.

If you’re watching the Great North Run on the telly look out for me I’ll be wearing my pink cap, Diabetes UK vest with my bright pink name badge on and my purple trainers – I’ll give you a wave!

Keep your fingers crossed and send me your positive vibes to help me on my way.

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