Bargain books from BookBub

Bargain books from BookBub

8th October 2017 19 By Rachael Stray

If you’re an avid reader like me who devours books like bars of Diary Milk, then BookBub should be your new best friend.
It’s a daily special-offers service for ebooks which sends you a personalised email every day packed with recommendations tailored to you – at bargain prices.
Since signing up, I have read hundreds of books and found a love for new authors and different genres without forking out lots of money.
Every day you’ll get a new email packed with discounts on books from small and large publishers and authors, and links to download them in their available electronic formats
Bookbub 2
Not every book is available in all formats, but BookBub generally tries to include everyone.
Plus, if you only have specific devices, you can choose to only get deals for the stores that support the gadgets you own.
For me it’s my Kindle and my preferred retailer is Amazon.

Some of the discounts are time-restricted, but if something catches your eye, you can select the retailer you prefer, buy it and download it and then start reading it straight away.
When you sign up to receive the emails you pick three to five recommendations from different categories; such as romance, classics, history, sci-fi and so on – there’s loads to choose from.
They’re definitely good deals, with most discounted to 99p, and plenty of free offers too.
I’ve recommended the site to scores of friends who love to read but sometimes like to try new authors or don’t like to carry heavy physical books around with them.
I still love a paperback and nothing beats the smell and feel of a new or old book in your hands but Bookbub is great for bargains and breaking your own boundaries.
You can have a look at some of the books I’ve read over on my Goodreads profile and how I am getting on with my reading challenge.

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