Things I wish I knew before blogging – Guest Post

Things I wish I knew before blogging – Guest Post

23rd September 2018 10 By Rachael Stray

For my next guest post the lovely Sam who blogs at has shared the three things she wishes she knew before she started blogging. 

Things I wish I knew before blogging

When you first get a blog, nobody tells you what you are signing up for.

You don’t get a lovely little welcome pack with all of the essentials tied up in a ribbon, and you don’t automatically have a few thousand people supporting you and paying your wage.

That isn’t how it works.

You start blogging with no idea of what to expect or really, what you’re even supposed to do.

Blogging is one of the few jobs where you give yourself the continuous training from the beginning.

I’m still a quite small blogger, but I pride myself in my work.

I’m not saying that I know everything, because there’s still a lot more for me to learn- in fact, you never stop learning with blogging.

But anyway, here’s three things I wish I had been told before I started out.

  1. Think carefully about how you host your blog

I started book blogging in 2014 on Tumblr, which now I feel isn’t the best place to start a serious blog.

It’s brilliant for engagement, but just not the best way to host a blog that you want looking professional.

In 2017, I moved to Blogger which I didn’t get along with at all, and then in March 2018, I moved to my WordPress site where I am at the moment and I’m finally happy with my blog and social engagement.

I wish I had been told about the best way to host because then my blog would be a lot further on that it is now and I would have become more confident sooner

2. Blogging doesn’t just take a couple of hours a week

I started this thinking it would be easy to do alongside work.

I only work part-time, so it isn’t as much as a struggle for me.

But I know that when I do eventually move to full-time, my blog will struggle.

I admire anyone who can work full-time and still run a blog.

I think I usually spend around ten hours a week blogging.

That includes promoting on social media, writing posts, researching, making notes, interacting with people and contacting authors/publishers.

It’s not easy.

I thought I would just spend a couple of hours a week when I started out, but I was far from right.

Every blogger is different with the amount of time they spend, but with my posting schedule being every other day, it can be very hectic

3. Blogging isn’t easy money

I’ve been trying to earn money through my blog for a year in total.

So far, I’ve earned £0.40. That’s it.

On my old blog I had AdSense and never got anything in return because me following on Blogger was too small.

Now I advertise through Amazon Associates.

Every review I post has a corresponding link to the book where I can earn commission on whatever I sell.

So far, I’ve sold one book.

I’m essentially working for free which is completely my choice and I don’t have a problem with that at all.

But I went into blogging thinking I could make money quickly and easily, and that isn’t how it works.


I don’t want you to think blogging isn’t worth it.

It’s the most rewarding job I have ever had – I love getting feedback on my work and even if I have just managed to get one person to buy a book I reviewed, I still feel a sense of achievement and pride that I have managed to spread my love.

Every blogger is different.

Some of these things may not even be applicable to you as these are just the struggles I’ve faced.

I’m not a big blogger, and I’m definitely still a long way off where I want to be, but these are the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, do it! It’s all worth the time and hassle in the end and it will really change your life.

About Sam


When Sam isn’t working at her day job in retail, she writes for Oh Book It – a blog for book ramblings and reviews.

She lives while dealing with seven cats who constantly demand her attention who try to make writing as impossible as it can be.

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A huge thank you to Sam for writing such a useful post and being my third guest writer.

If you’d like to write a guest post on please get in touch via my contact/work with me page.

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