The Laundrette – review

The Laundrette – review

3rd June 2018 5 By Rachael Stray

Saturday nights are made for catching up with friends enjoying each other’s company and good food so I had high hopes the Laundrette wouldn’t leave us in a spin!
It’s part of a small chain of restaurants and the former launderette SOAP OPERA in Chorlton, Manchester was where it all started. The company now has three restaurants in Manchester, Chorlton and Newcastle.
The Newcastle restaurant is just a mere stone’s throw away from Central Station (the railway station in the city) on Westgate Road. The 90-seater restaurant opened its doors in October last year but this was my first visit.
Three of us were a little bit early and headed straight to the restaurant as it was a warm evening and we were parched.
We were warmly greeted upon entering and after explaining we were early staff promptly set our table for us. There was a strong smell of fish in the air and this put two would-be diners off – who walked in, had a sniff and walked straight back out again.
After a few moments we were shown to our seats and thankfully the fishy smell didn’t linger.

What did we eat and drink?

We had a quick peruse of the drinks menu and placed our orders while waiting for the rest of our party to arrive.
The drinks menu is extensive – with lots of different cocktails – even some designed to share, beers and of course soft drinks.
Steve had kindly driven the weekend before so I could have some much-needed glasses of wine; so it was my turn to be designated driver.
The slogan for the restaurant is cocktails and carbs which shines throughout the menu.
Steve plumped for a beer and instead of the usual Coke for me; I opted for something a little bit different – the Fizz Wizz Shake.

the Fizz Wizz Shake

The Fizz Wizz Shake

Served in a large glass my refreshing drink was made of fresh strawberries, milk, vanilla and a sachet of popping candy on top. Of course Steve couldn’t wait to empty the contents of it into my drink which then went a bit mad – fizzing and popping galore.
Although the restaurant isn’t huge but our table had room for the seven of us and we weren’t too close to other diners so we could enjoy our different conversations.
The atmosphere was buzzing – there was a mix of diners from couples, a hen do and larger tables like ours but thankfully we could hear each other over the noise of other diners and the music.
After a quick catch up we got down to business.
The main menu isn’t too extensive but offers some variety with starters, sharing platters, pizzas, burgers, salads and other main dishes to choose from.
For our starter three of us shared the smoked cheese fondue, with ventricina salami, prosciutto and bresola accompanied with cured beetroot and garlic dough balls.
Our starter

Our starter

Others shared the garlic and rosemary garlic pizza bread which smelt delicious.
Our starter was served on a wooden board – I do miss plates. There was enough for the three of us. The cheese fondue was molten hot and perfect for dunking our dough balls in. The meat was smokey and delicious. We ate every last crumb.
We had a short reprieve before our main courses arrived.
Most of us had plumped for the impressive-sounding burgers and two went for the stone baked pizzas.
I went for the #1 beef burger which comes with pancetta, cheddar, dill pickle mayo lettuce and tomato (which I plucked out – not a fan of tomato) and a side of fries. I followed Steve and Catherine’s lead and pimped mine for Cajun fries.
My main course #1 beef burger
Again our mains were served on wooden boards – which looks lovely for pictures but practicality wise is a bit annoying as food does fall off and worrying for cleanliness too.
Nonetheless I was hungry and quickly set about deconstructing my burger – it was too big and messy to eat by hand. The beef was tender and juicy and the accompanying sauces worked well. The fries were not anaemic and the Cajun spice came in a little pot so you could sprinkle on as much as you pleased for yourself which I liked.
The pizzas looked and smelt delicious and I did have a bit of food envy. They came with their own pizza wheel, had a thin base and were cooked evenly.
We devoured our food with some of us having another round of drinks while we caught up on the last few months of each other’s lives.
We did peruse the dessert menu but nothing jumped out for us so we asked for the bill instead.
All in all we had a lovely night and left with full satisfied tummies.

The verdict

Catching up with friends is always an evening well spent and the Laundrette didn’t leave us disappointed.
Next time I would definitely opt for pizza and try one of their fancy-looking cocktails.
If you’re looking for somewhere that does cocktails and carbs well then the Laundrette won’t leave you high and dry. The staff were friendly but didn’t hover, it was clean, the food was good and the prices not too bad.
Our sharing starter was £16 between three of us and the burger was £12.50 with a little extra for Cajun fries. My drink was £5 but lasted me throughout the meal.

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