The Autumn tag

The Autumn tag

19th December 2017 30 By Rachael Stray

I’ve been kindly nominated in the Autumn tag post by Kate. You can check out her original post here. 

What signifies autumn to you?
For me autumn is a big change in the seasons and makes you appreciate the longer summer evenings and slightly warmer temperatures!

I like the beginning of autumn when the leaves start to change into those crisp dark tones and you start to see the fashion changing too.

Autumn also signifies the start of a lot of great TV shows after a long summer break which means nights snuggled on the sofa with a nice hot chocolate catching up with your favourite characters.

What is the best way to spend a rainy day?
I don’t like being caught in the rain so for me it’s being safely inside preferably with some treats, a blanket and a good book.

I quite like listening to the rain while being curled up in bed too.

What is your most fond autumn memory?
I really like going for walks in the autumn getting wrapped up and seeing the beautiful colours of the leaves turning.

It’s also a nice time to walk along the beach too.

My most fond autumn memory is when I was little and my mam made a book for me and said let’s go and fill it with our favourite leaves.

We went to Jesmond Dene in Newcastle and I collected lots of leaves in stunning colours – all different shapes and sizes and when we got home we had hot chocolates with cream and I stuck them in the book.

What is your favourite autumn scent?
I worked in Starbucks for a while and although I’m not a coffee lover the smell of the festive drinks is really lovely and it’s nice to make something different to the standard offering.

It’s also a bit of a welcome reprieve from making all the iced drinks in the summer!

I really like the smell of Opium perfume too as it’s my mam’s favourite and she always gets a bottle for her birthday at the beginning of October – whenever I smell it I think of her!

What are you most excited about this autumn?
Well autumn is sadly almost over!

This is the first autumn since I moved back to my native North East so I’ve really enjoyed catching up with family and friends.

Steve and I have been so busy with our new jobs and house-hunting we haven’t done any lovely autumn walks and I’m still to take him to Jesmond Dene – so next autumn that is definitely on the to do list!

What is your favourite autumn song?
I don’t think I have one! I’d probably plump for Gone Till November by Wyclef Jean purely because of the name and it’s still a great song!

What is your favourite autumn film?
When you think of autumn films I think most people naturally turn to Halloween blockbusters like Scream and Saw.

I think my favourite autumn film is probably Good Will Hunting.

The whole film feels like autumn as it evokes an autumn aesthetic.

The leaves are golden yellow and Robin Williams is wearing tweed (classic autumn texture).

What TV show are you looking forward to this autumn?
I’m a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy. Steve and I binge-watched from series 1 to 8 over the summer as he was late to the Grey’s party.

As we’ve watched the last couple of series he’s asked me annoying questions when any references from earlier series were mentioned so I’m hoping he won’t do that anymore!

I also love Criminal Minds, Victoria, I’m a Celebrity and Castle so I’m chuffed all of these shows are back in my life!

What is your favourite autumn colour?
I really like autumn colours.

I think it’s because I’m a brunette and this palette suits my skin tone and hair colouring.

Purple is my favourite colour always but I think the orange and darker pink tones particularly magenta are my favourite for autumn.

What is your most-loved outdoor autumn activity?
Walking (preferably not too far though) especially in Jesmond Dene – or anywhere where you can see the change in the trees and environment around you.

What is your favourite autumn fashion trend?
Autumn is the start of wearing layers and those lovely warm tones.

I love my purple cord skirt paired with my brown boots and a thin jumper with a lightweight scarf and leather jacket.

I also love being able to dig out my many hats, scarves and gloves (a great collection thanks to 7 years at Monsoon Accessorize) to wear on those walks!

Name one place you wish you could visit during autumn?
America again!

I visited in October many years ago and it was great to see an American Fall in real life.

They go so mad for Halloween and Thanksgiving with decorations, food and celebrations. It’s a cracking atmosphere.

What is your favourite photo you took last autumn?
This one of me and my friend Laura.

We are by no means runners or fit at all and we took on the Pretty Muddy 5k challenge to raise funds to fight cancer.

I’m really proud of us both – not only did we complete it but we had a good laugh and raised a fair bit of cash.
What are you being this Halloween?
Halloween was a while ago but I didn’t go as anything.

I’m too old for trick or treating and we had plans which meant we couldn’t attend the one party we were invited to.

Here’s a picture of us from Halloween 2015 where Steve and I dressed as a dead bridge and groom (pre-wedding) for our niece’s fancy-dress party.

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