Christmas wreath making workshop (AD)

Christmas wreath making workshop (AD)

5th December 2018 5 By Rachael Stray

On Sunday I took part in a brilliant Christmas wreath making workshop at House of Botanics which is part of STACK in Newcastle.

It was a special event for just a select six bloggers that I was recommended to attend* by fabulous family blogger Samantha, who blogs at North East Family Fun.

STACK is a new edition to the centre of Newcastle which opened in August 2018 and is a collection of independent local shops, restaurants and bars – it’s a bit quirky and I really like it.

House of Botanics is a unit within STACK which is a florist and plant shop which sells beautiful bunches, luxury flowers for weddings and events as well as plants. They also hold a wide range of botanical workshops.

Avid readers will know that last Christmas the hubby and I had just moved into our new home so we didn’t really deck the halls at all; so this year I’m gonna go big on the festivities.

Other houses in our street had gorgeous Christmas wreaths proudly hanging on their front doors and I said to Steve that we would be having one the following year.

When the invitation popped into my inbox I was already excited!

Christmas wreath making workshop

I was surprised to see town so buzzing on a Sunday night – I managed to squeeze into a car parking space and made my way to STACK through the crowds and made it with just a few minutes to spare.

House of Botanics is a small unit within STACK but Naomi has really utilised the space well and as I made my way inside from the cold; the smell of fresh gorgeous flowers and plants filled my nostrils.

I had a little peruse of the shelves while we waited for the other bloggers to arrive.

As well as gorgeous bouquets and an array of plants I spotted these already made beautiful Christmas wreaths and I couldn’t wait to make my very own!

Once we were all accounted for we made our way to the back of the unit to the workshop area.

Our individual wreaths, strong cutters, binding wire and aprons were all set up waiting for us to pick our seat.

Naomi had started off our wreaths for us but still showed us how to bind the moss to the wire hoop rings which is the very first step in making a Christmas wreath.

We then had to cut up spruce to put on top of the moss and we had a mixture of foliage to choose from.


All of us working on our Christmas wreaths

Our instructions were to make a grouping and insert each sprig at a slight angle starting at the top of the wreath and work our way round the hoop in a clockwise fashion.

We had to ensure we went over the last section so you couldn’t see where we had bound it to the hoop.

I must admit I actually did this bit wrong – I went round the wrong section of sprig with my binding wire but Naomi was swiftly to the rescue.

I should’ve went round the bottom section so this can be easily hidden by the next section – it was quickly rectified.

Thankfully I wasn’t alone in making this mistake but Naomi reassured us that the joy of a wreath is that you can simply unwind the wire and start again.


Adding foliage to my Christmas wreath

So with Naomi’s help I was back on track and making sure I was filling in the lower section of the hoop where the centre circle is with smaller pieces of sprig.


My wreath complete with foliage

Once we’d gone all the way round the hoop with our sprig it was time to get really creative!

We had a wee comfort break at this point including some refreshments and sweet treats before we started the decoration section of the workshop.

Naomi showed us how to make groupings for our wreath and how to secure the decorations.

Then it was our turn.

I added dried fruit and pine cones to my wreath and even a chilli and it smelt absolutely amazing.

Wrapping the binding wire and poking it all the way through the foliage and securing it to the moss at the back of the hoop was no mean feat I tell you.


Adding the decorations to my wreath: picture taken by Aiste Bolton

Naomi said it’s best to go for odd numbers rather than even as it is much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye when doing your groupings.

I made sure to keep space at the bottom of my wreath for the bow which would be added nearer to the end.

Those of us who didn’t want a bow simply added more groupings and decorations instead.

Once I was happy that my decorations were all securely held in place it was time to pick the material for my bow.

As our front door is red I decided to opt for a creamy coloured fabric with a gold pattern which I thought would go nicely once it’s hung up on display.

Creating the bow was fiddly and I just couldn’t get the twisting and looping motion quite right but Naomi stepped in to save me from a disaster.

Once the bow was formed I carefully secured it to the hoop with the binding wire and then teased it to make it a little more pretty.

I snipped the loop at the bottom to create the tails of the bow and voila my wreath was complete!



We were given some insider tips on how to keep your wreath looking fresh – the secret is to regularly mist it with water.

As I will be displaying my Christmas wreath outside I will need to keep an eye on the weather and bring it inside if a frost or particular cold spell is forecast.

I must avoid storing it near a radiator as it will dry it out.

I’m really impressed that I (mostly) made this beautiful wreath on my own and I can’t wait till we decorate so I can proudly display it on our front door.


Where is House of Botanics?

Unit 23 STACK Newcastle,

Pilgrim Street,

Newcastle upon Tyne,


If you’d like to take part in a Christmas wreath making workshop with the lovely Naomi visit the House of Botanics Facebook page for all upcoming event details.

*I was invited to attend this wreath making workshop following a recommendation from another blogger. This review has been written with 100% honesty. 

I was not financially compensated for this post but I did receive the workshop free of charge. The opinions expressed in this post are completely my own based on my own experience.

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