Bloggers Recognition Award

Bloggers Recognition Award

26th December 2017 15 By Rachael Stray

I was kindly nominated for the Bloggers Recognition Award by the lovely Jessica. You can check out her fabulous blog here – she blogs mainly about makeup. You can see her original post here.


  • Write a blog post to show your award
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you
  • Tell your readers how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Nominate other bloggers for the award

How my blog started…

I had been thinking of starting a blog for about 18 months but hadn’t had the time to really get something set up as I’d been a tad busy. I started two new jobs, got married, we sold our house, relocated back to the North East and we’ve just bought and moved into our new home. Phew!

So what finally gave me the kick up the bum I needed was something I spotted on Twitter which got me really riled up. I pointed it out to a few people I know professionally on Twitter and was invited to write a guest blog post for a Public Relations website on the topic which you can see here. I also wrote a couple of blog posts for my day job too.

After that I decided to stop putting it off and took the plunge to set up my own blog and here we are!

often get asked for advice in respect of my day job within the Public Relations world so some of my blog posts are aimed at helping others with knowledge I have gained and then the other posts as you’ll see are a mixed bag of beauty, food and other life advice I suppose!

Two pieces of advice I want to give to new bloggers:

  1. Take the plunge and just get started – There’s lots of platforms you can use and many are free too. Don’t worry about not being an expert or having fancy camera equipment or the fact it’s winter and dark and you struggle to take lots of pictures. There’s loads of helpful sites to spruce up your images and download free stock photos. I’ve blogged on where to get free stock images here and how to create interesting images and infographics here. 
  2. Get social with other bloggers – Join Facebook groups, participate in Twitter chats and get to grips with hashtags for Instagram and Twitter. You can learn so much from other bloggers and I’ve found the community to be really helpful, supportive and friendly.


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